Who We Are and What We Do

Serving the Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, and Ventura Counties of California, we are a specialized service that is provided to meet the demanding needs of our clients. Your investment in landscaping and tree care can amount to thousands of dollars. That first investment is crucial whether it is a home, business, museum, or public property. Proper landscape and tree care can play an important role in attracting and making a lasting impression.

Choosing the correct plant and tree to meet your properties needs is a dollars and sense issue. When and how do roses like to be pruned. How deep do you plant a new palm tree you just spent $1000.00 on? What kind of watering conditions does a tree like? What type of treatment should be administered to a diseased tree with root rot or a fungus? A lack of immediate attention may indicate a more specialized service is needed. We can work with your team to achieve goals you set for obtaining optimum value and appearance on your property.

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